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Growth factor Gumel Lyuks (liquid concentrate)
  • Growth factor Gumel Lyuks (liquid concentrate)

Growth factor Gumel Lyuks (liquid concentrate)

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Brand:Гумэл Люкс
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Preparation Gumel Lyuks represents the Humate + 7 made on the improved technology.

Contains a complex natural humic - gumatomelanovykh and fulvo acids, and also biofilny minerals: pine forest, manganese, copper, molybdenum, zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron. The structure and quantity of minerals can vary at the request of the consumer.

Feature of action of Gumel Lyuks – stimulation of processes of a plodoobrazovaniye and reproduction.

The effect of application on grain crops is comparable to results of use of liquid mineral fertilizers like "Raykat", but expenses in terms of 1 hectare are about 3 - 5 times less. Application of a growth factor Gumel Lyuks allows to increase quantity of zernovka in one ear by 40 - 60% .

Properties of a preparation:

- prevents falling off of flowers and ovaries of all species of plants,

- increases productivity by 25 - 40% depending on a look and a plant variety,

- provides economy of money, by decrease in a consumption of pesticides (to 15 - 20% ) and mineral fertilizers (to 25 - 40% ), due to synergetic effect, and due to increase in sizes of root system,

- increases the general immunity of plants,

- prevents the diseases of plants connected with a lack of minerals

- it is irreplaceable in extreme conditions (a heat freezing, a drought remoistening),

- accelerates growth, development and terms of maturing of fruits for 7 - 10 days,

- improves quality of production (content of sugars and vitamins increases, period of storage, on grain lasts: increase of a gluten on average for 3 - 4% , steklovidnost for 6% and improvement of quality of a gluten on 10 u. a),

- accelerates blossoming and raises commodity characteristics of decorative flowers.

Brand:Гумэл Люкс
Country of manufacture:Russia
Preparative form:Emulsion concentrate
Information is up-to-date: 23.10.2020
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